What is Christine Hale Style?

Me at Ascot in 2012, looking a little posey!

Me at Ascot in 2012, looking a little posey!

Christine Hale Style is all about the relationship between you and your clothes. It’s really important to me that customers feel comfortable and confident in their clothes, and it’s my aim to help them develop their own unique style.

Services I offer for customers include (but are not limited to):

  • Style and colour profiling
  • Personal Shopping
  • Personal Styling

So, I’ll be updating my blog (hopefully on a regular basis) with useful hints, tips opinions and information – don’t forget to check back and have a look every now and then!

If you would like to learn more about how the right colours can transform your outfit (And wardrobe), the shapes, fabrics and patterns to suit you, and finding That Perfect Outfit for That Important Event – then give me a call or say hi on my Facebook page and we can have a chat 🙂

Christine x

2 comments on “What is Christine Hale Style?
  1. Tamsyn Wright says:

    Your advice on what you think of this dress for me for a summer wedding would be great; not my usual choice of colour or shape?


  2. Thank you…..it is quite a journey for some people and life changing….my girlfriend told me this Saturday that she feels better mentally having sorted out he wardrobe….one compartment of the brain cleared.

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